to the winners!

2 EVP passes to attend MWC in Barcelona


in prize value

2nd place

3rd place


in prize money

2 flight tickets plus accommodation and expenses to showcase your app at MWC in Barcelona

1st place


in prize value



Mobile Connect Cube

An app with a strong authentication base in Mobile Connect that will ensure the identity of the user which allows for a better communication between the campus and the students.

An App that authenticates the user for online votes while keeping them safely anonymous.

This will make a difference of how people pay for their goods at the shops

The Mobile Connect Challenge:
more than just authentication

Join the online app challenge to revolutionize the mobile experience.

This two-month accelerator program is designed to innovate and develop mobile apps using Mobile Connect technology, with the opportunity to be coached by industry experts and mobile network operators, and the chance to travel to Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona to showcase the winning app.

Why join ?

Get access to Mobile Connect technologies/SDKs

Be coached and trained by industry experts

Get to pitch to VCs

Get connected to mobile network operators

Win tickets and travel to Mobile
World Congress in Barcelona to demo
and promote your app

What are the steps?

Step 1
Register your idea/app to the challenge

Step 2
Have your app selected for the 2-month acceleration

Step 3
Discover new Mobile Connect SDKs
and be coached by the best experts

Step 4
Publish your app on mobile app stores

Step 5
Fly to MWC in Barcelona to showcase your app






Who can take part?

Perhaps you're a keyboard master and know how a kick-ass mobile is programmed. Native, cross platform, Android, iOS developers: don’t delay!

Any mobile developer

What type
of apps?

Make logging in to every app
or website a thing of the past – that’s your challenge, thanks to Mobile Connect.

Whether you’re building a social network, entertainment, administration or shopping

app, this is your chance to revolutionize it.

Build solutions that will enhance the mobile experience!

Register your idea/app
OCT. 26th - DEC. 1st

The best projects will be invited to join an online platform to be coached and receive support on

the Mobile Connect SDKs to further develop and publish their app on stores.

Accelerate your App
DEC. 1st - FEB. 6th

Get selected
Before DEC. 1st

Among all submissions,
the best ideas will be selected
to enter the online accelerator.

Winners announcement
on FEB. 7th

The 3 winning projects will be announced on February 6th
and will fly to Barcelona.



Hugo Espinosa